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Chuck Fager -- Writer, Editor
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    Two Nights & a Lifetime with Dr. King Next Monday will be devoted to the work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was my good fortune to work under Dr. King in the great voting rights campaign he led with others in Selma, Alabama in 1965. Besides being historic for America, that experience … Continue reading For MLK Day: Stories from Selma, January 16

    The post For MLK Day: Stories from Selma, January 16 appeared first on A Friendly Letter.

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    A Message to students at Friends Central School, Wynnewood PA:
    From Chuck Fager
    A few seeks ago I shared a story with you, about getting arrested in Selma, Alabama in 1965 and spending the night in jail with Dr. King.
    I told you that for almost 50 years, that true story had a happy ending: from the black struggle in Selma came the Voting Rights Act, which had advanced freedom, elected presidents, and made things better.
    But then starting a few years back, that happy ending was snatched away. In its place came massive vote suppression, and following that, attacks on the other freedoms that democracy protects. So my story about a fight for freedom was not over after all.
    At my age, I said, passing on these stories is my main contribution. It's a passing of the torch. As for the real activism, as for the new leadership demanded by our times, And these were my final words:
    "It's your turn."
    Now it looks as if your turn has come already.

    The post A Letter to Students at Friends Central School: Resist! appeared first on A Friendly Letter.

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    This is why as the Johnson administration talks of escalating the war beyond 450,000 men, of bombing Hanoi-Haiphong and even of confronting China on the Asian mainland the virtual silence of the unchallenged spokesman of American conscience becomes ever louder and more painful to those who have followed [Dr. King] thus far. The war in Vietnam is perhaps the gravest challenge of Dr. King's career and conceivably its culmination. Who among us today could blame him if, faced with this dilemma, he agonizes over his course of action? No one, surely; but Martin Luther King, Jr., is not only answerable to us of today: he must walk with history as well. And if in his agony he should fail to act, it must be asked: can history forgive him?

    The post “Dilemma for Dr. King” – A 51st Anniversary Review appeared first on A Friendly Letter.

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    The Carolina Friends Emergency Consultation – March 25, 2017 Spring Friends Meeting, Snow Camp NC (For Directions, click here) The Consultation Schedule: Noon – 1230: arrivals & lunch 1230 – 1:15: Welcome & small group intro, to get acquainted & identify major interests 1:15-1:30 – Break 1:30 – 2:30: briefings by resource persons (2 each, … Continue reading The Carolina Friends Emergency Consultation – March 25, 2017

    The post The Carolina Friends Emergency Consultation – March 25, 2017 appeared first on A Friendly Letter.

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    And you better read fast, because according to this source, D-Day for what they're confidently calling "Operation Clean Sweep" is 1500 hours (3 PM for civilians) Central Daylight Time in "early May." (BTW come to think of it, I'm writing this post in "early May," and it's past 3PM; so maybe today is not this extra "Mother's Day." Maybe.)

    Perhaps you're tempted to snicker, or even guffaw at all this, especially considering the source.

    Well, laugh if you want, but be careful, because maybe the joke is on you.

    After all, this blogger is rather late coming to the party involving exploring the ties between this paper and the Oval Office guy. Much bigger, weightier media types have been all over it for quite awhile.

    The post Never Mind Armageddon: World War III Is Coming First — I’ve Seen the Secret Plan appeared first on A Friendly Letter.

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    Oh, and one more thing:

    When liberty goes out of a place, it is not the first to
    go, nor the second or third to go,
    It waits for all the rest to go—it is the last.

    When there are no more memories of heroes and
    And when all life, and all the souls of men and women
    are discharged from any part of the earth,
    Then only shall liberty, or the idea of liberty, be dis-
    charged from that part of the earth,
    And the infidel come into full possession.

    The post Some Quick Quaker Responses to the SOTU appeared first on A Friendly Letter.

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    Helena then beckoned us through an opening in the low wall, into what seemed an empty field.
    This plot was meant to be added to the cemetery (since UVA professors keep stubbornly falling short of immortality). But when archaeologists tested the ground, they discovered that it too was full of unmarked, and previously unknown graves.

    The post The Deaths Of Racism, And Racism In Deaths appeared first on A Friendly Letter.

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    At Snow Camp we’re working at broadening the vision that created our acclaimed historical drama, Pathway to Freedom, to bring out more awareness of our practical connections to the actual Underground Railroad. I admit, though, that sometimes I’m tempted to believe, as one prominent historian has argued, that the “Underground Railroad” (UGRR) is mainly a … Continue reading Snow Camp & The Underground Railroad – Beyond Mythmaking

    The post Snow Camp & The Underground Railroad – Beyond Mythmaking appeared first on A Friendly Letter.

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    Meta description preview:For many Black Christians in Dallas, a mostly white megachurch was home. That is, it was until Trayvon was murdered, and then Trump was elected....

    The post A Stunning Article About Blacks in (& Troubled by) White Evangelical churches appeared first on A Friendly Letter.

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    The Secret Service has to secure similar events every week, sometimes every day. So maybe this was a piece of cake for them. Compared to their skill, our mornings walks near Dr. King now seem utterly, almost comically amateurish.

    But even so, somehow we came through it. Dr. King wasn’t called on to preach at our funerals. Instead, we lasted long enough to hear others preaching at his.

    The post Selma, Alabama: Protecting King, Protecting Obama appeared first on A Friendly Letter.